The Formation of a Club - a woman's rugby club.

February 12, 2018



 One day working in my chaotic office focused on my travel clients, I was called to a meeting with my boss. The meeting was a long complex affair and required many intervals where people were able take personal breaks. It was during one of these such breaks that my boss and I became involved in a discussion regarding health and fitness and the topic eventually came around to the sport most dear to his heart, Rugby. Rugby of all sports the dangeous contact sport played only by rude, dumb young men who had no consideration for anyone but themselves. 


Well was I in for an education.......


After our brief discussion my boss had challenged me to attend just one training session to see if I held that same opion after just 2 hours of training. I knew I was right and determined to proove just that.

For me it was the start of a new life, my life playing rugby.


And so began, Alliance Rugby Club - Black Knights Lady’s Division during the past summer of 2017. 


With the help and encouragement of the Alliance Black Knights Men’s team we learned to pass, run lines and avoid tacklers as well as how to tackle and play defence. Four women, three of which had never played Rugby before, showed up every Tuesday and Thursday to play touch rugby, something like flag football, with the men. Men who we kind caring and took time from their training to share with us the game they so love. 

By the beginning of September the Black Knights Lady’s side had a solid core of over seven women coming out to train and learn the game. We had learned from the men and now understood the friendship or rugby family that binds rugby players together in such a strong group. 


Soon we organized a few games and begun to play the game and grow more competitive by the day. It's a game for all types and sizes, tall and short, slow and fast, there is a place for you. Soon we were facing our first 7-A-Side competitive tournament. The pressure of having to play a game and we were all extremely nervous about the prospect of physically competing against another team. Yet again the men, again the men, calmed our nerves and channelled our energy and provided playing gear and assisted us where ever we need help.

Our first tournament provided our first victory but it was not the victory that we celebrated, rather the accomplishment of starting a woman's rugby club and the comoraderie that playing rugby affords you.


As our club grows we continue to learn about this special game of rugby. Most importantly, we learn to focus our Attitude, meet our Responsibilities and to remain Committed to the things in life that matter, not to mention having a really good time with a great bunch of people.


Building this team and learning the club's culture has been one of the best experiences I have been involved in and to crown it all we exercise and meet new friends.


Our ultimate goal is to continue to build our numbers and become a competitive team playing 7's and the full 15’s game. We now have an experienced full time coach and our numbers are growing. 


We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM, and our games take place on Saturdays at Keller Sports Complex.

If you’ve never played Rugby before or youre an experienced player you’re in good company! Come on out and give it a go!


You will get just as addicted as we are to the noble game of Rugby!



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